Advanced Features

Advanced Features

Enabling TT Backtesting (BETA)

TT Backtesting lets users execute ADL algos in a simulated matching environment while replaying historical market data. These backtests can be used to:

  • Evaluate the performance and effectiveness of an algo
  • Assess an algo for exchange compliance and risk

TT Backtest provides statistical information about an algo's performance and displays postion and P&L information in easily-understood graphs.

Prerequisite Before you can enable the TT Backtesting package, you or your company must have a direct billing agreement with TT. For more information, contact the TT Onboarding team.

To enable the TT Backtesting package:

  1. In the Users tab, select the user whose trade mode you want to change.

    The selected user profile is displayed.

  2. In the Advanced Settings section, enable TT Backtesting package.