Excel integration with TT

Excel integration with TT

Combining multiple filters

When you use multiple filters in a formula, the TT RTD Server applies Boolean logic to the values based on whether you test for equalities or inequalities. The following table explains how the TT RTD Server determines which logic to use when finding matching records.

Operator Logic Examples
All = Boolean OR


Returns records for both JDOE and BSMITH accounts

All <> Boolean AND


Returns records for all accounts except JDOE and BSMITH

Mixed Boolean AND


Returns records for JDOE and all accounts except BSMITH

For example, if you stored the string "NetPos" in cell A48, the string "Account="ATRSim" in cell A31, the string "Account=ATRSim2" in cell A39, and the instrument ID in cell B3, you could extract the filtered net position as follows:


After processing the formula, Excel displays the result in the cell, similar to the following. Note that the "$" in the cell references are Excel mixed reference notations.