Product Grid

Product Grid

Market data in Product Grid

The Product Grid displays market data for multiple products across multiple exchanges in a concise format. Users may add or hide columns to display various market data fields and can choose to expand the display of an instrument to display market depth.

Market depth

The Product Grid can be expanded to display market depth for as many levels of depth provided by the exchange. When a row is expanded, the aggregated bid or ask quantity is displayed for each price level.

Detailed depth

Some exchanges disseminate detailed depth allowing you to see every order at a price level. You can optionally use the Detail checkbox to view detailed depth for the instrument if available from the exchange.

Note: TT supports detailed depth for the following exchanges: ASX, ATHEX, B3, CFE, CME, CME_BrokerTec, EPEX, JPX, NASDAQ_NED, NDAQ_EU, OSE, TFEX and SGX.