Order Book

Order Book

Placing orders on hold

You can place an order on hold from the Order Book widget. When you place an order on hold, you can change it as you would any other order. A held orders remains in the widget until it is resubmitted or deleted. To put on order on hold, click the Hold button.

Placing a TT order type order on hold pauses the algo and places all working child orders on hold. Resubmitting a TT order type order resubmits its child orders and resumes the algo's behavior. Placing a TT order type order on hold is limited to orders with a status of Waiting, Pending Trigger, or Working.

Resubmitting held orders

When you click , the held order is resubmitted. If the Confirm modifications to working orders from Order Book setting is enabled in Preferences | Orders, a pop-up message will be displayed below the Order Toolbar that requires you to confirm the change before resubmitting the held order.