Audit Query

Audit Query

Searching the audit trail

Using the Audit Query widget, you can select audit trail columns as filters to search for specific data in the audit trail database on TT. Each query can contain one or more filters, and can be saved and modified for later use. You can also find specific data within your audit trail search results.

After searching for specific data in the audit trail, you can use the widget to:

To search the audit trail:

  1. Open the Audit Query widget.
  2. To use an existing query, click the query selector and choose one from the drop down list.

  3. To create a new query, click Add Filter and select a column name from the drop down list.

    Enter a value for each selected column name as needed. Multiple filters can be added.

  4. Click Search at the bottom of the widget.

    The results are displayed in the widget.

    Tip: After the search is completed, you can click "Resume" to search an additional two weeks of records using the same filters.

  5. Click Find to look for specific values or fields within the search results.

  6. To save the filters as a new query, click the Save icon () and enter a query name.

Exporting and printing audit trail search results

After searching the audit trail, click Export at the bottom of the widget to save the search results to a file. Search results can be exported to a "Text" (csv) or "Excel" (xlsx) file.

Tip: Data for specific rows can be exported using the Export rows as... option in the context menu.

You can print the search results from the Audit Query widget by using the Print button, or select and print specific rows of data using the context menu.

Modifying an audit trail query

To modify an audit trail query:

  1. Select a query from the drop down list.

  2. Click the edit icon to modify the value of one or more filters.

  3. Click Add filters to add additional search criteria as needed.
  4. Click the Save icon ().

    You can save the changes to the existing query or click Save as a new to create a new one.