Company Overview

In the Setup application, a "company" represents an actual company (e.g, FCM, investment firm, etc.) or division of a company. Each company can have one or more administrators with varying permissions.

For example, an FCM can have administrators who are able to create and assign accounts and exchange credentials, or a buy side investment firm can have administrators who are able to create users who ultimately trade with accounts and exchange credentials provided by the FCM.

As a company administrator, use the Company Settings tab in the left navigation pane to administer the various company-level options available for your users.

The Company Settings screen has the following tabs:

  • Profile — Disable trading for all users in all environments in your company, and assign an auto-liquidate user for your company to liquidate accounts when credit limits are exceeded.
  • Exchanges — Display the exchanges to which you can create connections.
  • Contact Message — Provide your company's contact information to users.
  • Email Invitation Message — Customize company invitations.
  • Accept Invitation Message — Customize invitation acceptance messages.
  • Login Rules — Enable two-factor authentication for users in your company.
  • Broker CodesReserved for future use.
  • Clearport BrokersReserved for future use.
  • IP Address Restrictions — Restrict company access to a single IP address or range of IP addresses.
  • Connectivity — Enable private network access for your company.