MexDer Overview

TT provides direct access to the Mexican Derivatives Exchange (MexDer), which is a fully electronic trading platform for futures and options contracts on interest rates, stock indexes, currencies, and single stock futures.

MexDer Exchange API

TT connects to the following for orders and prices:

  • Prices: MexFix Market Data
  • Orders: MexFix 3.0

MexDer Available Products

TT supports trading for all underlying assets available on the MexDer platform. For a complete list of products, refer to the MexDer website.

Supported MexDer Functionality

The following MexDer exchange functionality is supported on TT:

  • Cancel on Disconnect
  • Options
  • Self Match Prevention (contact the exchange for setup)

Unsupported MexDer Functionality

TT currently does not support the following MexDer exchange functionality:

  • Wholesale orders
  • RFQ
  • Implied prices
  • Indicative prices

In addition, the exchange does not provide support for the following on TT:

  • Strategy Creation
  • Detailed Depth

MexDer Trading Hours

Production trading environment: 05:00-19:00 Mexico time (UTC -06:00)

Simulation trading environment: Open (session login): 08:00-18:00 Mexico time (UTC -06:00)
Order routing and Market Data: 10:00-17:00 Mexico time (UTC -06:00)

MexDer Contact Information

Phone: (5255) 5342-9999

Phone from the USA: 1-866 MEXDER1

Connectivity Options

The TT® platform provides connectivity to the exchange, so you do not have to contact the exchange regarding connectivity options. Refer to TT Access for more details about your connectivity options for connecting to TT.