Coinbase supported order types

The following native Coinbase order types are supported on TT:

  • Limit
  • Market
  • Limit (Post Only ) — Ensures the full Limit order works in the market and will not be charged "Taker Fees" by Coinbase for being filled immediately. If any part of the order would take liquidity immediately due to its price, the entire order will be rejected by the exchange.
  • Stop Market
  • Stop Limit

The following native Coinbase order restrictions are supported on TT:

  • GTC
  • IOC
  • FOK

On TT, Coinbase products are listed under the "Currencies" (CUR) product type.

The following table shows exchange restrictions per supported Coinbase order type:

Order Type Supported TIF Supported Products
Market None all
Limit GTC, IOC, FOK all
Limit (Post Only) GTC all
Stop Limit GTC all
Stop Market GTC all