Creating a Coinbase connection

Multiple users in your company can share the same Coinbase connection, but each user is required to have their own Coinbase credentials. Coinbase exchange connection credentials (API key, secret, and passphrase) are configured per user using the Trader IDs tab in the left navigation panel.

Note The Coinbase connection in TT will not become active until a Trader ID is assigned to the user of the connection. The Trader ID is used to make the actual FIX connection to Coinbase.

Note TT does not support the mapping of a Trader ID to more than one connection at a time.

To create a Coinbase connection:

  1. Click Connections in the left navigation panel.
  2. Click +New Connection
  3. Configure the settings in the General Settings section:

    • Connection Enabled: Check this setting to activate the connection. Uncheck to deactivate the connection.
    • Name: This is a required field for creating a connection.
    • Exchange: Select Coinbase. Only one exchange is allowed per connection.
    • Use the default setting in the Type field.
  4. Configure the following Coinbase settings in Additional Settings:

    • Max Order Rate — Sets the maximum number of orders per second that a user can enter per connection. This limit cannot exceed the exchange-defined order rate maximum.

    • Contact Email — Optionally, add a best contact email that TT can use to contact your firm if needed.

  5. Click Create. You can select the connection in the data grid and review the connection settings in the Settings tab.

  6. Click the Accounts tab to assign an existing account to the connection. Multiple accounts can be added to a single connection.

    Note The connection will not become active until at least one account is assigned.

  7. Click Save Changes.