Authenticating a TT Core SDK Application

Authenticating a TT Core SDK Application

Instead of username and password, applications written with TT Core SDK must provide an application key / secret pair for authentication. An application key / secret pair is a proxy for a user. Application keys for TT Core SDK applications are created in the TT Setup application. For more information, see Creating and managing application keys in the TT User Setup Help.

Creating a server-side application key/secret pair

Users can create an application key / secret pair from within Setup in the TT Platform as follows:

  1. In Setup, click Users in the left navigation panel and select your username in the data grid.
  2. Click the App Keys tab, and then click New in the App Keys title bar.

  3. In the Create New Application Key dialog:

    • Enter a unique name for your TT CORE SDK application.
    • In the Application Key Type dropdown, select TT.NET SDK Server Side mode / TT Core SDK .
    • In the Application Key Usage Plan dropdown, select the desired plan.

  4. Click Create.

    The application key is generated and the application secret is displayed in the Secret field.

  5. Click Copy Secret to Clipboard and then paste this application secret somewhere safe. You will need to provide them during the initialization of your TT .NET SDK application.

    Warning : This is the only time you will be able to copy your new key's secret.

  6. To exit and close the Create New Application Key screen, click OK .