TT Premium Order Types

TT Premium Order Types

TT Premium Order Types Recent Changes

TT has recently made the following enhancements to the TT Premium Order Types. These changes are now available in the UAT environment and will be added to the production environment at a future date.

TT Splicer Premium Order Type (UAT)

The new TT Splicer Order type extends support of TT Premium Order Types to include synthetic multileg instruments created via Autospreader with a new TT Splicer pricing formula.

Note TT Splicer is currently available in the UAT environment.

  • TT Splicer supports substrategies which apply existing Premium Order Type logic for a selected substrategy to the synthetic spread instrument.

  • Supported substrategies include TT Brisk, TT Close, TT TWAP+, and TT VWAP+.

  • TT Splicer instruments are created via the Autospreader widget using the “TT Splicer” formula.