MD Trader®

MD Trader®

Exchange-specific functionality in MD Trader

MD Trader exposes some additional buttons to support exchange-specific order functionality.

ICE, Eurex, and EEX

The ICE, Eurex, and EEX exchanges allow you to indicate whether an order opens or closes a position. To support this functionality, MD Trader displays an Open/Close toggle button, as shown:


The BrokerTec exchange supports passive and aggressive orders. To support this functionality, MD Trader displays a A/P (aggressive/passive) toggle button that indicates whether you want to place a passive or aggressive order.

  • Aggressive orders hit or take passive orders in the market. When the button is A, orders are entered to hit the bid or take the offer.
  • Passive orders rest in the market waiting for an aggressive order to hit or take them. When the button is P, orders are entered as passive bids and offers.

By default, all orders sent using MD Trader are Aggressive.