Depth reference

Available settings

This setting affects only the selected Depth widget. To update the default settings with these value for newly-opened Depth widgets or to apply them to existing opened Depth widgets, click Defaults.

In the Display section, the following settings are available:

  • Colors: Allows you to customize or change the cell and column colors available in the widget.

    Includes Depth Bids and Depth Asks color options.

  • Depth row colors — Options to set colors for the following in the Depth widget:
    • Only Bids/Asks columns
    • Entire row
  • Bold font: Enable this setting to use bold text in the widget.

In the Detailed Depth section, the following settings are available:

  • Show Summary Rows — Displays rows with the total Bid and Ask quantity at each price level of detailed depth.
  • Show prices for all rows — Displays prices for all rows of detailed depth shown in the widget.