Autospreader Rules

Autospreader Rules

Autospreader rules configuration

The fields at the top of the interface are for entering a rule name and description, and defining a rule type.

Rule name and description

Use these fields to enter a name for your rule and to enter a brief description. The rule name appears in the Autospreader® Rules widget's list of rules.

Rule Type

After entering a name and brief description for your rule, select a rule type.

The specific actions (or "rules") for each leg fall under three basic rule types:

  • Quoting Order — Allows you to determine how (and if) quote orders are placed by the Autospreader Server.
  • Pre-Hedge Order — Allows you to modify or cancel hedge orders before they are sent to the exchange.
  • Post-Hedge Order — Allows you to modify hedge orders after they are sent to the exchange.

After selecting the rule type, use the Autospreader Rules configuration interface to define condition types, conditions, and actions using the Logic tab. You can also create your own variables to use when defining conditions and actions using the Custom Variable tab.