FIX Gateway

Test Request (1) Message


Used to request a heartbeat

Message Direction

From TT FIX Gateways to a third-party FIX acceptor and then from a third-party FIX acceptor to TT FIX Gateways

Supported Tags

Tag # Field Name Req’d Data type Comments
Component: Standard Header Y 35=1 (MsgType)
112 TestReqID Y String

String to include in the heartbeat message.

Component: Standard Trailer Y

Message Notes

A Test Request (1) message is used to force the counterparty to respond with a Heartbeat (0) message to validate the state of the connection between a TT FIX Gateway and a third-party FIX acceptor.

When either party stops receiving data for the specified heartbeat interval, it should send a Test Request (1) message. The counterparty should send a Heartbeat (0) message in response. If a party does not receive a Heartbeat (0) message in a reasonable amount of time, the connection should be considered lost.

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