FIX Gateway

Session-Level Reject (3) Message


Used to return the reason for rejecting an incoming message

Message Direction

From TT FIX Gateways to a third-party FIX acceptor and then from a third-party FIX acceptor to TT FIX Gateways

Supported Tags

Tag # Field Name Req’d Data type Comments
Component: Standard Header Y 35=3 (MsgType)
45 RefSeqNum Y SeqNum

Reference message sequence number.

58 Text Y String

Reason for rejection.

371 RefTagID Y int

Tag number of the referenced FIX message.

372 RefMsgType Y String

Message type associated with the referenced FIX message.

373 SessionRejectReason Y int

Reason for the rejection

Possible values include:

Possible values include:

  • 0: Invalid tag number
  • 1: Required tag missing
  • 2: Tag not defined for this message type
  • 3: Undefined tag
  • 4: Tag specified without a value
  • 5: Incorrect value
  • 6: Incorrect data format for a tag value
  • 7: Decryption problem
  • 8: Signature problem
  • 9: CompID problem
  • 10: Sending time accuracy problem
  • 11: Invalid message type
  • 99: Other
Component: Standard Trailer Y

Message Notes

The Session-Level Reject (3) message is used in response to a message that is received but cannot be properly processed due to a session-level rule violation.

Related Information

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