Order Book

Order Book

Order Book overview

The Order Book widget displays all of your working orders. In the Order Book, you can view the status of your working orders, cancel orders, modify orders, place orders on hold, apply algos to orders, and retrieve the historical activity of an order.

With the Order Book widget, you can:


By default, the Order Book displays working orders in reverse chronological order based on the time each order was submitted, with the most recent orders appearing at the top. You can change the sort order based another criterion by clicking on the name of a column, once for normal order and twice for reverse order (a third click removes the column from the sort). So, if you want to display the orders so that all the buy orders are shown first, followed by the sell orders, you would click the B/S column heading.

You can also sort the orders hierarchically using multiple columns by clicking the column headings in the order you want to sort while holding down the Shift key. The following example sorts the orders in the Order Book first by the B/S column (reverse order), then by the Exch column, and finally by the Contract column

Trade Reference ID

You can view information for orders and block trades in the Order Book widget, as well as the Audit Trail and Fills widgets.

All exchange-provided Trade Reference IDs appear in the ExchangeOrderID column as shown in the image below.