SGX Overview

The Singapore Exchange Limited is Asia Pacific’s first integrated securities and derivatives exchange. SGX was formed on December 1st, 1999, with the merger of Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES) and the Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX). In November of 2000, SGX was the first Asian Pacific exchange to be listed via a public offer and private placement.

SGX offers access via QUEST, its electronic trading platform. Access is given through exchange-approved Order Management Systems developed by either exchange members or Independent Software Vendors.

Matching Engine

The SGX matching engine is located in Singapore.

Matching Algorithms

Prices at SGX are determined through Price/Time Priority. Alternatively, prices may also be determined using alternative algorithms: Price Point Maker (PPM), Market Maker (MM), and Pro-Rata Order and Matching. Pro-Rata Order and Matching only applies to EY products.

Connectivity options

The TT® platform supports connectivity to the exchange, so you do not have to contact the exchange regarding connectivity options.