BIST Overview

TT® provides access to Borsa Istanbul (BIST), which was formed by the merger of the Istanbul Stock Exchange, Istanbul Gold Exchange, and Turkish Derivatives Exchange. Users can trade all derivatives products available at BIST using the TT platform.

BIST Exchange API

The TT platform supports:

  • Prices: TIP protocol
  • Orders: FIX Protocol 5.0 SP2 standard

BIST Trading Hours on TT

For derivatives products trading hours, refer to the exchange website.

Note: TT currently does not support Evening Session Hours on BIST.

Supported BIST functionality

TT supports the following exchange functionality:

  • Detailed depth
  • RFQ
  • Position in Queue up to 10 levels of depth

Unsupported BIST functionality

The following exchange functionality is currently not supported on TT:

  • Quoting/Mass Quoting
  • Iceberg, Short Sell, and On Close orders are not supported for derivatives
  • GIS or GTS (good til end of session) orders.
  • OTC trades

BIST rollover schedule

A TT account position reset occurs at the following time for BIST:

  • 19:15:00
  • Europe/Istanbul

For more details, refer to Position Management.