ttid Documentation

The ttid service of the TT REST API is used to assist in creating users.

Requests to the ttid service of the TT REST API use the following base URL:<environment>:

  • for application development and testing
  • for deploying an application to production

Note: When submitting requests, all API urls are case sensitive and should include the endpoint name in lowercase. For example, using results in a 403 server error.

You must use in order to properly reach the API.

Access Parameters

Calls to the ttid service listed below require both of the following in your header:

  • Application Key
    • x-api-key=<application key>
  • Token
    • Authorization=Bearer <token>

For instructions on obtaining your application key and token, refer to the Before you begin and Authentication and request IDs articles in the TT REST API documentation.

Test calls

To test the calls below, click the Authorize button and enter values for both access parameters into the Authorizations Menu.

Note: When entering your token you will need to manually concatenate "Bearer" and a single space in front of the token value sent by ttid.

All test calls sent through this help site use the following base URL: