Time and Sales

Time and Sales

Time & Sales overview

The Time & Sales widget displays all real-time and historical trades that occur for selected instruments and provides details for each trade including date, time, price, and quantity. Each trade is color-coded to indicate whether the trade was a result of an aggressive buyer or seller. You can configure each Time & Sales widget to display one or more instruments on one or more exchanges, and you can specify quantities to only display and highlight trades of a minimum size.

Time & Sales Data

The Time & Sales widget keeps a running record of trades for selected instruments displayed in reverse chronological order.

Note: Users can access historical Time & Sales data by scrolling to the bottom of the widget screen. The Time & Sales widget on TT maintains and displays a history of trade data from all of your sessions and not just for the current session.

  • Each new entry is added to the top of the list, causing the widget screen to auto-scroll downward.
  • If you manually scroll through the list to review older data, auto-scroll turns off.
  • A red line at the top of the widget screen indicates you can scroll up to view additional information.
  • To return to auto-scrolling, scroll to the top of the widget screen.

The Price and Qty column filters give you the ability to display only trades with prices or quantities that meet minimum and/or maximum values. For example, you can configure Time & Sales to show only trades with quantities between 5 and 20.

Note: Filter the widget by "Contract" before applying a filter to the Price column.