RFQ with Counterparties

RFQ with Counterparties

Submitting Requests in the RFQ with Counterparties Widget

To support the Eurex Enlight RFQ platform, TT now includes an RFQ with Counterparties widget.

To submit an RFQ using the RFQ with Counterparties Widget:

  1. Ensure that your administrator maps the exchange member counterparties to the Eurex products you wish to trade. Refer to the Managing Counterparties section in the Setup help.

  2. Open the RFQ with Counterparties widget by clicking Widgets in the workspace title bar and selecting Options then RFQ with Counterparties from the widgets menu.

  3. In the widget, click the Select a Contract button to open the instrument explorer and select the contract you want to submit a request for quote.

  4. Note The RFQ with Counterparties widget only supports products on Eurex and filters EnLight counterparties based on the selected product.

  5. Update the RFQ Quantity field with the desired trade quantity.

  6. Optionally, add identifying information in the Buy Side Info field. This value appears to all of the configured counterparties and is forwarded as FIX tag 22011 PartyOrderOriginationTrader.

  7. Set whether the quote is for Buy, Sell, or Both.

  8. Set whether the quote price may be changed prior to execution (Indicative) or if the quote price will equal the execution price (Firm).

  9. Use the Add Counterparties button () to populate the list of exchange member counterparties you want to send the RFQ.

    Note The Counterparties dropdown only displays the counterparties and the counterparties lists that have been configured in Setup for the selected product.

  10. Press the Submit button to send the RFQ.

  11. Open the RFQ Viewer the view, trade, or resubmit the RFQ.