Account & User Restrictions

Account & User Restrictions

Exporting account and user restrictions data

The account and user restrictions data can be exported to a .csv or .xlsx file directly from the Account & User Restrictions widget.

To export account and user restriction data:

  1. Click Widgets | TT User Setup | Account & User Restrictions from the menu bar to open the widget.
  2. Select the Account tab or User tab.

    The "Account" is selected by default.

  3. If exporting data on the User Restrictions tab, click the account selector to choose an account.

    The User column displays all users assigned to the selected account. Each column shows if a user's order permission is allowed or disallowed.

  4. Click each column header to sort or filter the account or user restriction data as needed.

  5. Right-click in the widget and select Export data as | Text (csv) or Excel (xls).

    The data is exported to a file and downloaded to your workstation or laptop. Each restriction column is listed with either a "1" (enabled) or "0" (disabled) in the exported data.