Editing an aggregated instrument

To edit an aggregated instrument:

  1. In the Aggregator Manager, type an instrument name or keywords in the Search field to find an instrument or to filter the list of available instruments.
  2. Click the checkbox next to an aggregated instrument in the Aggregator Manager.
  3. Click the edit icon next to the selected instrument.

    This opens the Aggregator Configuration dialog box, which is used for editing the Aggregator routing parameters and settings for the selected aggregated instrument. When editing an instrument, Edit Aggregated Instrument: (Instrument Name) appears in the title bar of the Aggregator Configuration dialog box.

    Note: If there are working orders for the aggregated instrument, you can open the Edit Aggregator: (Instrument Name) screen, however, you can not edit or change any of the instrument's settings.

  4. Click Apply to add the changes, then click Save.

    Check the preview ladder to view how the changes impact the synthetic market for the instrument.