Position Manager

Position Manager overview

Position Manager overview

The Position Manager widget allows you to create and publish manual fills and Start of Day (SOD) records for users and accounts in your company. Restrictions for using the widget are based on your permissions per account. If you have permission in Setup to update positions for an account, you'll be able to add manual fills and SOD records for that account.

To open the Position Manager widget, click Widgets in the workspace menu bar and select Miscellaneous | Position Manager. You can also open the Position Manager when you click Create Manual Fill or Modify SOD from the right-click context menu in the Positions widget.

Manual Fills

A manual fill record typically represents a position obtained outside of the TT system. Using Position Manager in Manual Fill mode, you can add fills to more accurately manage overall positions per account.

When you click Publish, the Position Manager widget generates the manual fill records, and all traders using that account can view the fill. The published manual fill is viewable in the Fills and Positions widgets of all users sharing the account, and is used in risk limit calculations for the account.

Once a manual fill is published, it cannot be changed. However, it can be offset with another manual fill.

Start of Day (SOD) records

A Start of Day record (SOD) is the summary of the net position that a trader had in a specific market, account, or contract during the previous trading session. Using Position Manager in SOD mode, you can manually add SODs to more accurately manage positions per account and contract.

When you click Publish, Position Manager generates the SOD records. The published SOD is viewable per account in the Positions widget, which uses the SOD to calculate risk limits for the account. A published SOD is viewable by all users sharing the account.