Floating Order Book

Floating Order Book

Launching an OMA in the Floating Order Book

If you have access to order management algos, you can launch them for an order from the Floating Order Book. To launch an algo for an existing order:

  1. In the working order cell, click the middle mouse button to open the Floating Order Book.

  2. Highlight the desired order, and click the select algo icon.

  3. Select the OMA to run.

  4. Enter the information required by the algo, and click Launch.

Linking two orders as an OCO

TT provides you with the ability to select two working orders in the Floating Order Book, and apply an OCO (Order Cancels Order) OMA algo. This allows you to select which child orders you want working in the market as part of an OCO.

Note: The following types of orders cannot be linked to OCOs:

  • TT Order Type parent orders
  • Autospreader® parent orders
  • Aggregator parent orders
  • OTC orders

To link two orders as an OCO:

  1. Select two orders in the Floating Order Book.

  2. Click , and select the OCO OMA algo to run.

  3. Ensure there are TT Order IDs for both working orders in the TTOrderKey fields and enter the other algo parameters as needed (e.g., Co-location).

  4. Click Launch Algo.

    The parent OCO order appears in the Floating Order Book with "OCO" displayed in the Parent Order column.