Floating Order Book

Floating Order Book

Floating Order Book reference

Floating Order Book columns

Field Description
Delete (Cxl) Delete a single line (order)
Algo Launch an order management algo (OMA) for the order

The name and contract expiry for the instrument or strategy.


Total order quantity

Send Green check button appears when a change is made to the order quantity or price

Price of the order or fill.


Price at which to enter an order (Shown only when an order has an associated Trigger price, such as a TT Stop or TT If-Touched order)


Time In Force for the order.


Account number associated with the transaction.


Type of order associated with this transaction (e.g. Limit or Market).


The workstation time the order or action was sent. In a shared order book, if users are in different time zones, the Time field will display in the local time of the initiated workstation and will not convert to the workstation times for users in other time zones.

For synthetic and algo orders, the Time field displays the local time based on where the Algo Server is located


TT user name of the trader associated with the transaction

For users who share an order book, this column allows you to determine which user submitted each order. You can also sort the orders by this column.

Parent Order Name of the parent algo order
Mod Modify user-defined parameters for a parent algo order
Delete Pareent Allows you to delete a parent order and leave the child orders working in the market. Refer to Deleting parent orders in the Floating Order Book.