Submitting trades in Blocktrader

Use the Blocktrader widget to submit over-the-counter (block, off-exchange, wholesale, etc.) transactions supported by the exchange and market that you are trading.

To submit a block trade:

  1. Click Widgets in the workspace title bar and select Miscellaneous | Blocktrader.
  2. In the open Blocktrader widget, click the exchange selector and select an exchange (e.g., NFX).
  3. Click the trade type selector and select a transaction type (e.g., Block).
  4. Select a contract for each leg of the transaction using the instrument picker.
  5. Enter a quantity and select a side for each leg.

    A single click in the Side column toggles a leg to the opposite buy/sell direction.

  6. In the Price field, set a price for the transaction.

    If needed, you can click Price per leg to set the price for each leg of the trade.

    Note: For instruments that support tick sizes smaller than what is displayed, you can check Price off tick to enter an off tick price per leg.

  7. Set the transaction time for the trade.
  8. Using the Counterparty selection grid, do the following:

    In the Counterparty column, select a counterparty for each side of the trade.

    Use the drop-down arrows in the counterparty fields to select the appropriate buy and sell accounts. Enter a few characters in the search field to quickly find the entry you need.

    In the Side column, set whether the counterparty is the buyer or seller. A single click in the Side column toggles a leg to the opposite buy/sell direction.

    To select a counterparty for each leg of the trade, click Counterparties per leg.

    If selecting a counterparty per leg, click the radio button next to a contract leg in the order ticket, then select a counterparty in the Counterparty column for each leg.

  9. Click the TT account for routing selector, and select an account.

    The accounts listed are assigned to you in the Setup application and have active connections to the exchange.

  10. Optionally, enter a value in the Text TT field.

    This field is not routed to the exchange, but the value remains on the order in the TT system.

  11. Click Submit.

    The Confirmation screen appears.

    Note: Blocktrader prompts you to confirm orders by default. Uncheck Confirm order on the Blocktrader widget to disable order confirmations.

  12. Confirm the order and click Submit.
  13. Using the Instrument Picker

    Use the instrument picker to open the Market Explorer to search for a contract, or to manually select an exchange, product, and contract.

    Setting the block transaction time

    When submitting a block trade, use the Deal Time field to set the time of the transaction. The time that you set applies to each leg and side of the transaction. The time value initially seeds with the current time and does not change until it is edited.

    Click the Deal Time field to enter the time the trade occurred, or click to return the value to the current time.