HKEx supported order types

TT supports the following order types natively supported by HKEx:

  • Limit
  • Market to Limit (Auction Order)

HKEx Order Restrictions (TIF)

TT supports the following Time-in-Force (TIF) order restrictions natively supported by HKEx:

  • IOC
  • FOK
  • Day
  • GTC
  • GTDate
  • Day+
  • GTC+
  • GTDate+

HKEx Product Types

TT supports the following product types available at HKEx:

  • Futures
  • Options
  • Spreads
  • Strategies
  • Stocks (non-tradable)
  • Index (non-tradable)

HKEx Supported Order Types and TIFs table

Note: The "+" sign indicates that the TIF is available for the after hours trading (AHT) T + 1 session.

For more details about TIF and TIF+ order behavior per connection, refer to Adding an HKEx connection.

Order Type Supported TIF Supported Product Type Supported Products Notes
Limit All (TIF and TIF+) All. GTC and GTDate are only supported for Futures and Options All GTC and GTDate are not supported for Spreads and Strategies
Market to Limit (Auction Order) Day, Day+ All All Available only during the Pre-Open market state.