TT® FIX Recovery

FIX Recovery - Logon

FIX Recovery - Logon

Logon (35=A) Message (Alternative Method)

Instead of sending the Recovery Request (U2) message, you can also perform a Recovery Request using the Logon (35=A) message. You will similarly receive all valid messages within the specified timeframe.

This method allows you to forgo sending the Recovery Request (35=U2) message; however, it is subject to your application’s ability to incorporate the 916 and 917 (or 18002 for reconciliation) tags on the Logon (35=A) message.

To perform a FIX Recovery using a Logon (35=A) message including StartDate and EndDate tags method:

  1. Log on
  2. Receive recovered messages
  3. Get automatically logged out

Note Optionally, Reconciliation can also be used.

Example: Logon (35=A) Message (Including StartDate and EndDate Tags) Alternative Method

An example of a Logon (35=A) message used to request recovery is shown below.

Logon (35=A) Message

8=FIX.4.2|9=147|35=A|49=XYZABC|56=TT_DC|34=1|52=20240216-02:18:46|98=0|108=30|96=****|141=Y|95=8| 916=2024021 6-02:00:00.000|917=20240216-02:30:00.000 |10=208|