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Component - SecurityAltIDGrp

Component - SecurityAltIDGrp

Component: <SecurityAltIDGrp>


The SecurityAltIDGrp group is used to identify a number alternate security identifiers for an instrument in an Instrument block in response messages.

Note: When compliance feed is enabled on FIX Drop Copy, TT populates all SecurityAltID types available for the instrument on 35=D/F/G/AB/AC compliance messages.

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Supported tags

Tag # Field Name Req'd Data type Comments
454 NoSecurityAltID C int

Number of alternate security IDs contained in this repeating group

Condition: Sent when there are one or more alternate security IDs

> 455 SecurityAltID Y String

Alternate ID for an instrument or security, typically for display purposes.

> 456 SecurityAltIDSource C String

Identifies class or source of the SecurityAltID (455) value.

Possible values include:

  • 1: CUSIP number (sent only when provided by the exchange)
  • 4: ISIN number
  • 5: RIC code
  • 8: Exchange security ID
  • 91: Ticker Symbol
  • 92: TT product family ID (sent only for Security Definition (d) messages)
  • 93: TT product ID (sent only for Security Definition (d) messages)
  • 94: Alt Symbol (For ICE, the value is the "Cleared Alias" for the contract.)
  • 95: Clearport
  • 97: Alias
  • 98: Name
  • 99: Other (Set to instrument symbol if both product symbol and an instrument symbol are present in PDS and they are not the same.)
  • 100: Energy Identifier Code (EIC). Currently only used for the EPEX exchange.
  • A: Bloomberg Code
  • H: Clearing House (Inbound Drop Copy only)
  • S: OpenFIGI ID


99 (Other) is not valid for order routing requests.

At this time, TT does not support FIX order routing or FIX market data subscriptions using CUSIP numbers for BrokerTec Treasury securities on CME.

Note: The following markets support RIC codes (22=5) for identifying futures, spreads and options instruments in tag 455 (SecurityAltID):

  • ASX
  • DGCX
  • CFE
  • CME
  • EEX
  • Euronext
  • Hkex
  • ICE
  • ICE_L
  • LME
  • MEFF
  • MX
  • OSE
  • SGX
  • TFX

Condition: Sent when tag 455 (SecurityAltId) is sent

> 16207 BloombergSecurityExchange C String

New tag for TT

Name of the market where the instrument of the SecurityAltID (455) value trades.