Order Profiles

Order Profiles

Order Profiles Display

The Order Profiles widget consists of the following:

  1. Profiles panel — Displays order profiles available for trading.
  2. Setup profiles — Profiles configured in the Setup application are displayed with a shaded background and italics. These profiles can be applied to orders, but cannot be edited in Order Profiles.
  3. Custom profiles — Custom profiles created in Order Profiles are displayed with a light background. These profiles can be applied to orders and edited in Order Profiles.
  4. Refresh button — Updates and applies changes to profiles configured in Setup by your adminisrrator.
  5. Show/Hide button — Shows/hides the rules panel.
  6. Rules panel — Displays rules available per profile.
  7. Key field columns — Provides key fields for selecting order defaults. Best match rules are selected by the Trade application based on the key field columns: Prod, Exch, Group, and Type. The Use column indicates if the rule is available for order entry.
  8. Variable field columns — Provides variable fields to add to an order based on a match of the key fields. When a best match rule is found, values in the following variable field columns are applied to the order.
  9. Add Rule button — Adds a new rule to the rules panel. Double-click the cell in each column to add a new value for the rule.
  10. Widget controls:
    • Show all checkbox: When checked, rules for all profiles are displayed. When unchecked, only rules for the profile selected in the Profiles panel are displayed.
    • Edit button: Allows you to add or remove a profile. Also allows you to add, change, or remove rules for a profile selected in the profiles panel. Changed column cells or rows are highlighted yellow until the changes are saved. Refer to Edit Mode for more details.

Edit Mode

When you click Edit or double-click a cell in the rules panel, the following additional buttons are displayed:

  1. Add Profile — Allows you to add or remove a profile. Click the "x" to remove.
  2. Clone Rules — Creates a copy of a rule that can be modified to create a new rule. The button is active when a rule is selected. When a rule is cloned, the additional row is highlighted yellow until the changes are saved.
  3. Remove Rules — Deletes selected rules. The button is active when a rule is selected. You can also click the "x" at the beginning of a row to remove a rule. When a rule is deleted, the row is highlighted red until the changes are saved.
  4. Cancel — Quits editing mode without saving.
  5. Save Changes — Quits editing mode and saves all changes.