Counterparty Manager

Counterparty Manager

Creating Lists with the Counterparty Manager

Prior to using the Counterparty Manager widget, you must ensure your administrator maps the exchange member counterparties to the Eurex products you wish to trade.

Refer to the Managing Counterparties section in the Setup help.

To create a new counterparty list, complete the following:

  1. In the Menu Bar, select the Edit button, then select Counterparty Manager.

  2. The Counterparty Manager widget opens.

  3. Press the New List button.

  4. Enter a name for your list in the List Name Field.

  5. Click the Add Counterparties button.

  6. Use the dropdown menu to select a counterparty to add to this list. Use the Add Counterparties button to add additional counterparties to the list or the Remove Counterparty button next to the counterparty name to delete the counterparty.

  7. Click Save to store the list.

  8. Optionally, mark a list as Favorite by clicking the star button next to the list's name. Favorite lists appear at the top when selecting a counterparty.

After creating a list, simply select the name of the list and use the Edit button to update the members of the list or the Remove button to delete the entire list.