Account List

Account List

Using the Account List

To use the Account List:

  1. Click Widgets in the workspace title bar and select Miscellaneous | Account List.
  2. Select an account in the Account List widget (e.g., 12345).

    Order entry widgets (e.g., MD Trader) are seeded with the selected account. Order management widgets (e.g., Positions, Audit Trail, etc.) are also filtered with the selected account.

  3. As you select other accounts (e.g., ABCDEF) in the Account List widget, the selected account replaces the previous account in the order entry and order management widgets.
  4. Tip: To clear the current selected account, click on the gray area next to the "Account" label.

    Using Account List in a widget group

    When you create a widget group that includes the Account List widget, you can use the list to seed the account field in order entry widgets and filter the Accounts column in order management widgets in the group.

    Selecting child accounts in the Account List

    The Account List allows you to select multiple child accounts (sub-accounts) independent of their parent account, and filter those accounts in your order management widgets by using the Select all children option in the context menu.

    For example, you can group the Account List with the Positions widget, then right-click on a parent account in Account List and click Select all children to filter your open positions by child account.

    Tip: To filter on both the parent and child accounts, click the parent account, first, then right-click on the parent and click Select all children.