Euronext supported order types

TT supports the following natively supported Euronext order types:

  • Limit
  • Market
  • Market On Open (MOO)
  • MinVol

Euronext Order Restrictions (TIF)

TT supports the following Time-in-force order restrictions (TIF) natively supported by Euronext:

  • IOC
  • FOK
  • Day
  • GTC
  • GTDate

Euronext Product Types

TT supports the following product types available at Euronext:

  • Futures
  • Options
  • Spreads
  • Strategies

Euronext Restrictions per Order Type

The following table shows exchange restrictions per supported Euronext order type:

Order Type Unsupported TIF Unsupported Product Type Unsupported Products
Limit none none none
Market Day (rejected if the market is not open), GTC, GTDate none none
Market On Open IOC, FOK none none
MinVol IOC, FOK none none


MOO orders are only accepted during the Pre-Open period, and are intended for execution at the opening market price. MOO orders will be executed by the Matching Engine after uncrossing of the Limit Orders in the market when the market opens.

When the MOO order trades then any residual volume is converted to a GTC Limit order. This order will remain in the order book until the product month expiry.