TT Desktop

Downloading and installing TT Desktop

Downloading and installing TT Desktop

Downloading TT Desktop

To download the TT Desktop installation package:

  • Method 1:

    • Log in to TT through a browser.

    • Open an existing workspace, or create a new one.

    • From the workspace's File menu, select Download TT Desktop.

    • Save the file to the desired location on your file system.

  • Method 2:

    • Enter the URL in your browser.
    • Specify the location to save the file, if prompted. If your browser is configured to automatically put downloaded files in a specific folder, this step will not be necessary.

Installing TT Desktop

To install TT Desktop:

  1. Navigate to the location of the file you downloaded.

  2. Double-click the file.

    TT Desktop run dialog

  3. Click OK to install TT Desktop. Then click OK when the installation completes.

    After the installation process completes, Trading Technologies icon (TT Desktop icon) is placed on your desktop.