RFQ Viewer

RFQ Viewer

Managing the Display of RFQs

To help manage the display of RFQs that you receive, you can pin and delete the RFQ rows in the RFQ Viewer.

Pinning an RFQ

As a way to monitor a specific RFQ, you can pin it to the top of the list in the viewer. Click the button in the Pin column to move and pin the RFQ to the top of the list.

The RFQ for the instrument will stay at the top of the list as new RFQs are displayed in the viewer. To unpin the RFQ, simply click the button again in the Pin column.

Note: Pinning an RFQ to the top of the list does not resend it.

Deleting an RFQ

RFQ messages for an instrument can be deleted from the RFQ Viewer, but remain available to all market participants.

Note: Before deleting an RFQ, ensure that the Delete column is shown in the RFQ Viewer. To show this column, right-click in the RFQ Viewer and select Settings | Set RFQ Viewer columns from the context menu.

To delete an RFQ, select an RFQ message row in the RFQ Viewer and click the button in the Delete column.