TT Premium Services

TT Premium Services

TT Prime

In a standard Autospreader deployment, you connect to and share Autospreader and Order Router components and services with other users in TT's co-located data services. In the following diagram, multiple users in your firm or other TT companies can access the automated spread trading and order routing services to submit orders to the exchange.

In a TT Prime deployment, Autospreader and Order Router services are combined into a single process on a reserved server. The following diagram shows the automated spread trading and order routing services combined and deployed on reserved hardware exclusively for your use in the same co-located data center.

Using TT Prime provides the following benefits:

  • Inter-process communication latency is eliminated by combining Autospreader and Order Router services into a single process.
  • Because order routing and the spreading engine are on the same server, there are no additional network hops when sending orders to or receiving fills from the exchange.
  • Users of each TT Prime deployment only consume prices for the specific products they require for the spreads they trade.
  • TT Prime users do not share the machine resources with users from other firms.
  • Weekly performance reports with realized re-quote and hedge statistics.