Risk Limits

Risk Limits

Configuring Market Impact Check

As an administrator, you can configure the Market Impact Check settings as post-trade limits on the Accounts | Limits tab or Risk Groups | Limits tab per product or instrument.

To configure Market Impact Check:

  1. Enable the Market Impact Check service for your company on the Company | Settings | Profile tab.

  2. Click the Accounts tab in the left navigation panel and select an account in the data grid.
  3. On the Settings tab, set the Market Impact Check Cool Off Period.

    Note: This setting is required for using the Market Impact Check service. The market impact check will not work if this field is blank.

    This option sets the length of time trading is disabled in an account that exceeds its price movement and participation rate limits. Enter a value from 10-999 seconds. This is an optional field.

    Trading resumes after the time period elapses. Refer to Restoring trading on an account for more details.

  4. Click the Limits tab for the account or risk group, add a limit, and set the Participation Rate (percent) and Price Movement per interval.

    The Market Impact Check can be enabled as part of the following limits:

  5. Click Save Changes for each screen modified with the new Market Impact Check limits.