NFX Overview

Nasdaq Futures, Inc. (NFX) is a Designated Contract Market regulated by the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission. NFX is one of Nasdaq’s four U.S. derivative exchanges, which taken together with NASDAQ OMX NORDIC (one of the largest derivatives exchanges in Europe) represent a global options and futures offering. NFX is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nasdaq (Nasdaq: NDAQ), and is fully electronic exchange utilizing Nasdaq’s high-performing GENIUM INET technology, which features a transparent central limit order book and real-time trade reporting functionality along with robust pre-trade risk management capabilities. All NFX products are cleared through a single clearing house: the Options Clearing Corporation (OCC).

NFX Exchange API

TT® supports the following:

  • Prices: ITCH
  • Orders: FIX

Matching Algorithms

NASDAQ Futures Exchange matches orders based on one of two algorithms and based on the product:

  • Price-time
  • Pro-rata

Connectivity Options

Refer to TT Access for more details about your connectivity options for connecting to TT.