FIX Profiles

FIX Profiles

Creating a FIX Profile

Before you create a profile, you need to gather the following information:

  • XML FIX specification defining the FIX client's FIX data dictionary

  • XML FIX specification defining the TT FIX data dictionary

TT provides a standard FIX42.xml specification file that can be used for the FIX client's specification, if the FIX client only sends and receives standard FIX 4.2 messages and tags. For more information about supported messages and tags, refer to TT® FIX.

For all other FIX client interfaces, you need to create a custom XML file specifying the FIX messages that your FIX client can send and receive as well as the FIX tags that can be sent or received in those messages.

To create a FIX profile:

  1. Click More | FIX Profiles in the left navigation pane, and click +New FIX Profile.

  2. Enter a unique FIX Profile Name, and click Create.

  3. Configure the FIX Profile.

    The newly added FIX profile is selected by default.

    The following tabs in a FIX profile allow you to configure the profile:

    • Profile: Specify the name of the FIX Profile.
    • Rules: Configure message and tag rules
    • Symbol Mappings: Define rules for mapping symbol
    • Sessions: Associate FIX sessions with this FIX profile.