BitMEX Overview

The Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange (BitMEX) offers peer-to-peer trading in cyrptocurrency derivatives and is currently based in Hong Kong.

BitMEX supported products on TT

The TT platform supports trading in all futures, options, and currencies instruments available at BitMEX. On TT, currency instruments are perpetual swaps contracts that trade like spot contracts. Options instruments are BitMEX Up and BitMEX Down contracts that support trading during a market rally or market decline.

BitMEX API Credentials

A unique exchange API key and secret are required for connecting to BitMEX via the TT platform. Users need to log in to their account at to select their account name, and navigate to Account & Security | Account & Preference | API keys to create and provide you with these credentials.

Note: Users need to ensure the following when creating API keys for use on TT:

  • Set the "Key Permissions" to "Order" when creating the ID and secret.
  • Do not create multiple BitMEX exchange API keys for one BitMEX exchange user.

BitMEX Setup Requirements

Note: When setting up a BitMEX user, account, and connection in TT, you must adhere to the following requirements in order to connect to the exchange correctly:

  • The BitMEX account on TT cannot be a child account.
  • Only one BitMEX account and BitMEX connection can be assigned per user. Multiple BitMEX connections per exchange API key and secret are not supported.
  • One BitMEX connection can only be assigned one BitMEX account that has only one user.
  • Do not share a BitMEX account with another company.
  • Do not share the same BitMEX exchange API key and secret with multiple users.
  • A single user cannot use multiple BitMEX exchange API keys in TT.
  • Multiple API keys belonging to one BitMEX exchange user cannot be assigned to different TT users.