Binance overview

Founded in 2017, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange is the largest in terms of daily trading volume. Binance offer access to Spot, Margin, Futures and Options trading for over 300 Digital and Fiat currencies.

You can view all currently supported markets and currencies by visiting the Binance website.

Warning Binance offers both an international exchange ( and an exchange for US citizens of specific US States ( Please verify which exchange you should access before proceeding.

Binance User Scenarios

As a risk administrator, you can set up members of your trading firm to trade the exchange using their own exchange account.

When setting up users to trade using their own the exchange accounts, ensure that you have each user's the exchange credentials (API key and Private key) in order to configure their connection to the exchange using the Connections tab in Setup.

If you trade for yourself and have administrator permissions in Setup, create an exchange connection in TT using the Connections tab to assign your Binance API key and Secret key for your Binance account.

Binance User Setup

Before configuring a user to trade the Binance exchange using TT, the user must first create a Binance account at

After users create their Binance account, they can create the API key and Secret key that they'll need for their exchange connection on TT.