TT Score

Generating a Processing Statistics Report

Generating a Processing Statistics Report

The processing statistics report shows the quantity and type of data processed by TT Score over a selected period of time for your company. Processing data can be included per surveillance model, trader, account, instrument, and TT source.

To generate a Processing Statistics report:

  1. On the Score dashboard, select the Reports tab and click Generate Report.

    The reports data selection panel is displayed on the left side of the screen.

  2. Select Processing Stats in the Select a Report field in the reports data selection panel.

  3. Enter data for the following Inputs fields in the panel:
    • Date — Sets the time period for reporting the statistics.
    • Include Account Stats — Includes processing stats on a per account basis. This setting is optional.
    • Company ID — Generates and displays the total processing stats for your company.
    • Detail Categories — Generates processing statistics for a specific category of data. Select one of the following:
      • Model: Shows statistics per problematic trading model.
      • Trader: Shows stats per trader in your company.
      • Source: Includes processing stats for specific TT components.
      • Instrument: Includes statistics per instrument traded by your company.
  4. Click Generate Report.

    The report is displayed on the screen.

    The report includes the following columns:

    • Processing Stat — Lists the type of processing statistics. The column appears in the "Processing Results Overview" at the top of the report, the "Company Processing Results" section, and per account if included.
    • Value — Shows the amount of clusters or ledger records processed, and the time (ms) and duration of each process.
    • Clusters (0-100) — The total number of clusters processed by a surveillance model or TT service.
    • Ledger Records — The total number of records in Ledger that were processed by a surveillance model or TT source.