Introduction to TT REST API

The TT REST API gives you the tools you need to leverage the power of the TT platform within your own applications. You can access the same product information services, risk management and market connectivity used by the TT platform - all through an easy-to-use REST API.

The TT REST API provide a number of resources:

  • TTID: Authenticate and authorize applications to access the resources of the TT platform.
  • PDS: Request information pertaining to exchanges, products and instruments.
  • Ledger: View transaction details and historical record.
  • Monitor: View positions and SOD records for a given account.
  • Risk: Manage risk, limits and permissions.

To view a sample application which makes use of the TT REST API, visit TT's public Github repository.

Contacting TT Support

If you need help with TT REST API issues, you can submit a support ticket. To submit a support ticket, visit TT Support Center page in Resources section of the TT website and click Submit Incident.