7x FIX Migration

7x FIX applications will require some level of development and subsequent integration work to be updated for the TT Platform FIX API. There are several factors that contribute to the need for changes in our FIX specification when moving from 7x to TT:

  • TT architecture replaces 7x MGT-based risk and Gateway Mapping with account-based risk, a new account and user sharing model, and full exchange connection management in TT User Setup;
  • TT platform introduces dual support for FIX 4.2 and 4.4 and we’ve deprecated many 7.X custom tags with the standard tag as defined in FIX 4.4 where applicable, e.g replacing 10527 with 527 for SecondaryExecID;
  • TT FIX includes many new features unavailable in 7x:
    • Ability to route TT Synthetic orders via FIX
    • Ability to route user-defined custom ADL Algo orders via FIX
    • Ability to route pre-defined Autospreader and Aggregator orders via FIX
    • Enhanced Staged Order Management capabilities

TT's FIX specification highlights differences between 7x and TT FIX tags in each FIX tag description. In addition, each FIX message definition includes a summary section on FIX tags deprecated from the 7x spec.

Our highly experienced FIX integration team has developed a series of articles to further jump-start the migration process:

More general questions about TT FIX can be found by viewing the FIX channel in our TT Community site: