Workspace Windows

If you have a several widgets arranged in a single workspace window, you can easily convert it into multiple windows with each containing the desired widgets.

To convert a single workspace window into into multiple windows:

  1. Arrange your existing widgets as groups within a rows-and-column grid structure, and save your workspace.

  2. Open the File menu and press the Shift key; then select Create multiple windows.

    Note: If you don't see the menu item, press the Shift key.

  3. In the Multi-window Setup Utility dialog, click Next.

  4. Specify the Number of rows and Number of columns that match your widget grouping, and click Next. In this case, you will specify 2 rows and 2 columns.

    Note: As you change the values, the grid preview updates automatically.

    Green horizontal and vertical splitter lines will appear.

  5. Drag the vertical and horizontal splitter lines to define the window regions; then click Next.

    Note: If a widget spans multiple grid sections, the top-left corner of the widget indicates in which window the widget will be placed. Also, as you hover over the grid regions, the widgets that will be placed in the corresponding window will be highlighted.

  6. Verify that the widgets are all in the desired regions, and click Create Multiple Windows.

    The widgets in the top-left region become the (1) Main window, and the other regions are put into their own windows.

  7. To confirm that the windows contain the correct widgets, click the Windows drop-down and cycle through the windows. You can rename the windows as desired by clicking the Edit icon.

    Note: After splitting the window, if you want to move widget to a different window, you can send the widget to another window.