TT Guide for X_TRADER® Users

TT Guide for X_TRADER® Users

Orders and Fills in TT

The X_TRADER Orders and Fills Window let you manage your working orders and fills.

The TT Orders and Fills widget helps you easily monitor and manage your working orders and fills. It combines the features and functionality of the Order Book, Fills and Positions widgets into a single widget.

  1. The Order Book panel displays the working orders for all accounts visible to the user.
  2. The Fills panel displays the fills for every order selected in the Order Book panel, allowing you to focus quickly on fills for specific, individual orders.
  3. The Positions panel displays the positions for all fills displayed in the Fills panel, giving you a snapshot of the related positions and P/L.

Fill Recapper functionality in the Orders and Fills Window

Fill Recapper is an add-on application to X_TRADER Pro that can be used to manage fills, perform post-trade allocations and export fills. In TT, the Orders and Fills Window implements much of the same functionality. Using the Orders and Fills panes, you can easily select a set of orders in the Orders pane and then view all of the individual fills, along with their respective price, quantity and side, that correspond to those orders in the Fills pane.

  1. Select the desired orders in the Orders pane.
  2. Configure the Fills pane display to show only the specific columns, ordered as desired.
  3. Expand the aggregated fills to show the individual fills for the selected orders.

Sharing fills with clients

The Orders and Fills widget also makes it easy for brokers to communicate order activity with their clients. Using the Fills pane, brokers can quickly confirm fills and use filters to display only unconfirmed fills. Brokers can also create fill summary reports that can be shared with clients. After filtering fills by the desired criteria, such as by instrument or account, specific fills can be exported to a .csv file and sent to a client to view the fills in a spreadsheet application.