Adding a MEFF account

To add an MEFF account:

  1. Click Accounts in the left navigation pane.
  2. Click +New Account at the top of the Accounts screen.

    The Account Information section is displayed.

  3. In the Account Name/Number field when creating an account for MEFF exchange, enter the up to 5-character user-defined account name, which is required for order routing. The user's TT routing account is sent to the exchange as the clearing account on each order action in Tag 1.

  4. Configuring MEFF exchange properties

    1. Click Accounts in the left navigation pane and select an account in the data grid.
    2. Click the Exchanges tab for the selected account.
    3. Click the Select an Exchange selector to find and select an exchange.
    4. Configure the settings in the Exchange Properties section.

      The Clearing Account Override field can be used to override the TT account value in Tag 1 on order actions sent to the exchange. You can enter up to 5 characters and this field is optional. By default, the user's TT account is sent as Tag 1.

    5. Click Save Changes.