Order Cancel/Replace Request (G) Message


Used to change an existing order

Message Direction

From FIX client to TT FIX

Supported Tags

Tag # Field Name Req’d Data type Comments
Component Block <Standard Header> Y 35=G (MsgType)
37 OrderId C string

Internal TT order key assigned to all orders submitted through any TT software. The value remains constant for the life of an order.

Condition: Must include either Tag 37 (OrderID) or Tag 41 (OrigClOrdID)

41 OrigClOrdId Y string

Original order ID. Equal to the current value of Tag 11 (ClOrdID) of the order that this message modifies.

Note: Tag 11 (ClOrdID) of an order can change over time.

11 ClOrdID Y String New ID for the canceled order. This value must be unique since the TT FIX session reset.
1 Account Y String

Order-routing account

60 TransactTime N UTCTimestamp Time, in UTC, that the FIX Client submitted the message
207 SecurityExchange C Exchange

Name of the market where the instrument trades.

TT FIX uses this value to identify the exchange that offers the security.

Possible values include:

  • ASE
  • ASX
  • BrokerTec
  • BVMF
  • CFE
  • CME
  • EEX
  • Eris
  • eSpeed
  • Eurex
  • Euronext
  • ICE
  • ICE_L
  • KCG
  • MEFF
  • MX
  • NFX
  • NLX
  • OSE
  • SGX
  • TFX

Condition: Required only when price conversion based on symbol mappings is needed.

167 SecurityType C String

Asset class of the instrument.

Possible values include:

  • FUT: future
  • MLEG: multi-leg
  • OPT: option
  • SPOT: EEX spot products
  • TBOND: treasury bond
  • NONE: No security type

Condition: Required only when price conversion based on symbol mappings is needed.

55 Symbol C String

Exchange-provided product symbol for the tradable product.

Condition: Required only when price conversion based on symbol mappings is needed.

202 StrikePrice C Price

Stirke price for an option

Condition: Required when Tag 167 (SecurityType) is OPT and when price conversion based on symbol mappings is needed.

18 ExecInst C MultipleStringValue

Order execution instructions

Possible values include:

Note: If you submit multiple values that include an unsupported value, TT FIX will choose the appropriate supported value.

To submit an updated order in “held” status, set this tag value to S. To restart a held order, set this tag value to q.

Condition: Required when submitting a hold order

44 Price C Price

Limit price for limit orders

Condition: Required when Tag 40 (OrdType) is:

  • 2: Limit
  • 4: Stop Limit
99 StopPx C Price

Trigger price for a stop order

Condition: Required when Tag 40 (OrdType) is:

  • 4: Stop Limit
  • K: Market With Leftover as Limit
38 OrdQty Y Qty Total order quantity
110 MinQty C Qty

Minimum quantity for a Minimum Volume (MV) order

Condition: Required for Minimum Volume (MV) orders

1138 DisplayQty C Qty

New tag for TT

Quantity to disclose for a disclosed quantity (Iceberg) order

Condition: Required for disclosed quantity (Iceberg) orders

54 Side Y char

Side of the order

Possible values include:

  • 1: Buy
  • 2: Sell
  • 3: Buy minus
  • 4: Sell plus
  • 5: Sell short
  • 6: Sell short exempt
  • 7: Undisclosed
  • 8: Cross
  • 9: Cross short
40 OrdType Y char

Order type

Possible values include:

  • 1: Market
  • 2: Limit
  • 3: Stop
  • 4: Stop Limit
  • 5: Market On Close (MOC)
  • B: Limit On Close (LOC)
  • K: Market with Leftover as Limit
  • Q: Market Limit Market (MLM) with Leftover as Limit
  • S: Stop Market to Limit
77 OpenClose N char

Whether the order opens or closes a position

Possible values include:

  • O: Open (default, if unspecified)
  • C: Close
59 TimeInForce N char

How long an order remains active

Possible values include:

  • 0: Day (default, if not specified)
  • 1: Good Till Cancel (GTC)
  • 2: At The Opening (OPG)
  • 3: Immediate or Cancel (IOC)
  • 4: Fill Or Kill (FOK)
  • 5: Good Till Crossing
  • 6: Good Till Date
432 ExpireDate C LocalMktDate

Date a Good Till Date order expires

Condition: Required when Tag 59 (TimeInForce) = 6 (Good Till Date)

1028 ManualOrderIndicator N char

Whether the order is sent manually or through automated trading logic.

Possible values include:

  • Y: Manual
  • N: Automated

Default value is N if the tag is omitted.

1385 ContingencyType N int

Type of contingency

Possible values include:

  • 0: Day (default, if not specified)
  • 1: Good Till Cancel (GTC)
  • 2: At The Opening (OPG)
  • 3: Immediate or Cancel (IOC)
  • 4: Fill Or Kill (FOK)
  • 5: Good Till Crossing
  • 6: Good Till Date
142 SenderLocationId REQD string Specific message originator's location (i.e. geographic location and/or desk, trader)
376 ComplianceId C string

New tag for TT

ID used to represent this transaction for compliance purposes

The ID must uniquely identify the algorithm in your environment that is sending the order. The string must contain a numeric value no greater than 16383.

Condition: Required when tag 1028=N and the associated exchange requires the tag

21 HanldInst C int

Order handling instructions.

Possible values include:

  • 1: Automated execution order, private, no broker intervention
  • 2: Automated execution order, public, broker intervention OK
  • 3: Staged order, broker intervention required

Condition: Required when submitting a staged order

16106 StagedOrderMsg N string, 256 character maximum

Message text associated with the staged order.

Typically used to provide additional information to the broker responsible for managing the order.

Note: Valid only for staged orders (Tag 21 (HandlInst)=3)

16111 StagedRoutingLevel C char

Indicator of who can work the staged order.

Possible values include:

  • B: Broker
  • I: Internal

Condition: Required for staged orders (Tag 21 (HandlInst)=3)

58 Text N String

Additional information for the person who works the order

16558 TextTT N String

Value corresponding to the Text TT field in TT widgets

16999 ClearingAccountOverride N String

Overrides the clearing account defined in the Setup application for the user's account named in Tag 1.

Component: <StrategyParametersGrp> Y

Strategy parameter block for TT order types, user-defined ADL algos, or informational fields

Component Block <Standard Trailer> Y

Message Notes

The Order Cancel Replace Request (G) message is used by FIX clients to make changes to a previously submitted order.

Notes for 7.X TT FIX Adapter Developers

TT FIX uses the order id provided in the message to get the information about the order's instrument automatically. Therefore, the tags in the Instrument Component Block are no longer required in the Order Cancel Replace Request (G) message.

  • AutoAggressive [16481]
  • ClearingAccount [440]
  • CustomerOrFirm [375]
  • ExchangeGateway [18203]
  • FFT2 [16102]
  • FFT3 [16103]
  • HandlInst [21]
  • MaxShow [210]
  • NoRelatedSym [146]
  • OrderOriginationID [16142]
  • OrderTag [16105]
  • PassiveAggressive [16480]
  • RatioQty [319]
  • Rule80A [47]
  • SettlType [63]
  • UnderlyingCurrency [318] (Renamed to LegCurrency)
  • UnderlyingDeliveryTerm [18212] (Renamed to LegDeliveryTerm)
  • UnderlyingMaturityDay [314]
  • UnderlyingMaturityMonthYear [313] (Renamed to LegMaturityMonthYear)
  • UnderlyingOptAttribute [317] (Renamed to LegOptAttribute)
  • UnderlyingPutOrCall [315] (Renamed to LegPutOrCall)
  • UnderlyingSecurityAltID [10456] (Renamed to LegSecurityAltID)
  • UnderlyingSecurityExchange [308] (Renamed to LegSecurityExchange)
  • UnderlyingSecurityID [309] (Renamed to LegSecurityID)
  • UnderlyingSecurityType [310] (Renamed to LegType)
  • UnderlyingStrikePrice [316] (Renamed to LegStrikePrice)
  • UnderlyingSymbol [311] (Renamed to LegSymbol)
  • UserTag [16104]